I can only describe myself as an eLearning & Online Education Expert by Trade, Consultant in Practice, Educator by Profession, Entrepreneur at Heart, Mentor by Design, Christian by Faith, Philanthropist in Spirit, and Politically Independent by Virtue.


I've had many professions over the years. There are too many to list. However, my favorite title was being called a "cable man" because of the years I've worked in the telecommunications industry, and because I used to be a cable man. These days I still work in the telecom industry as a consultant. I also adjunct at various institutions. In addition to teaching, I run a real estate development company and an education consulting business. Lastly, I am a board member at two faith-based non-profit organizations, one of which provides reentry services for newly released prisoners. The organization also assists with humanitarian and disaster relief. I sometimes teach professional development courses at the non-profit. I am a firm believer in the giving of one's time, talent, and monetary resources to help others.  It is the "love of humanity" and my faith in God that drives this desire.

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John 14:6 Jesus said "I am the way"

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