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Lectures & Motivational Videos

Below are some videos of myself and other professionals (or politicians) who strive to do their part to make a meaningful and positive difference in others' lives. Topics of discussion include education, world events, religion, and the current COVID-19 crisis. I am also a huge fan of providing motivational material that could inspire us in our daily lives. I only post links to YouTube videos that are of sound judgment from various leaders, professionals, and politicians within their respective fields. I do this for myself and the joy of helping others.

Education (Colleges & Trade Schools)

Community Colleges Essential

by Former President Barack Obama

Screenshot (36).png

Why education is so important

          by Adrian Wright

Why a college degree is so important today

by Dean Gualco

COVID-19 (No conspiracy theories, rumors, or misleading information. Just facts, which can evolve daily as health professionals learn more about the virus)

Conquering Medical Skepticism around COVID-19

by Dr. Ala Stanford

Founder of the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium

Dr. Athony Fauci on what to know about COVID-19 vaccine l GMA

Dr. Leana Wen Discusses the COVID-19 Pandemic

U.S. & World Events (From a respectful love viewpoint of all)

Barack Obama: 'A More Perfect Union'

John McCain Talks Standing Up For Obama During Election, Memoir, Regrets In Career | The View

President Bush full remarks at Bush Institute Summit 


The secret of self motivation One of the best speeches Ever

by Mel Robbins

Religion (From a Christianity viewpoint)

The Attractive Quality Of Kindness

by Dr. Charles Stanley

IT'S POSSIBLE (Les Brown's Greatest Hits)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS | One of the Best Motivational Speeches Ever

Don't Be Defined By Your Mistakes

by Joel Osteen

A Great Promise for the New Year

by Dr. David Jeremiah


As a person who believes in the power of education, I know that education is a gateway to a better future. I support the worth and dignity of all people and the limitless value of their intellectual potential. I support the freedom of one’s expression, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and values. I fully support and believe in a diverse and inclusive society.

The opinions in my personal videos are my own. The views expressed in the linked YouTube videos are those of the respective authors. The views and comments expressed in all videos are not meant to divide, mislead, discredit, harm, disrespect, or belittle anyone, religion, or organization. The views expressed in the religion section are from a Christian viewpoint. I am neither a democrat nor republication. I am politically independent. All the videos posted are for educational purposes only.

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